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Are you looking for an easy and FREE way to do a podcast? Try You can create a podcast from your phone, tablet, or computer, and there are no storage limits. Distribution of your podcast is easy and can be shared on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, and Spotify. will track your analytics to see how well your podcast is doing over time, and you can even get paid for your podcast by adding a button to set up payments for viewers if you choose this feature. Watch this video to learn more.

Find data about any country in the world including information on economy, education, crime, environment, trade, defense, and so much more. Data bulletins display up-to-date information about specific happenings going on anywhere in the world. Infographics of many different topics share predictions and patterns of events throughout the world. These topics include things like flu vaccinations, economy, trade, oil, diseases, etc. This is a free database loaded with just about any information you can think of to learn more about our world.

This free site provides a collection of fiction and nonfiction that can be sorted by grade level, lexile level, theme, genre, and more. Teachers can assign readings to students (digitally or printed), create classes, and track progress of each student. As students read, vocabulary words are defined and questions are embedded within the text to check comprehension. Students complete the readings, and teachers can view their responses. Supplemental readings are suggested and paired with related passages to provide a deeper understanding of the text. Students use the toolbar to guide them through the reading.

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