AutoDraw, Insert Audio Into Slides, and Duallness

AutoDraw is an easy-to-use drawing tool that includes Google's artificial intelligence to help you make a drawing by taking your squiggles and sketches and replacing them with pre-made clipart-style images. It comes with most of the normal features such as drawing, filling in colors, resizing, adding text, and more. This is a great way for students to make sketch notes, posters, flyers, and infographics as well as create scenes and illustrate stories for various projects. Click on the link above to get started or check out this video how-to link to learn more about it.

'Insert Audio Into Google Slides' to help bring your Google Slides to life. Have students insert reflections, narration, background music, historical audio, feedback, direction, anecdotes, explanations, storytelling, even singing to make informative and interactive slides. Watch this video by Scott Wolz (with the added bonus feature of making your own voice recordings using WeVideo) to learn more about it. From there, you can set playback options, volume, and looping.

This feature does not record audio but instead inserts existing or created audio.

Remember to respect copyright and fair use policies when using audio files created by someone else. You can use this as an opportunity to talk with your students about good digital citizenship!

Duallness is one of the Chromebook extensions on all High School Chromebooks for students to use. It allows students to split their browser to create a dual monitor. These dual screens can be configured into different ratios for student's preferences with the click of a button. Click on the link above to learn more about it.

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