ClassroomScreen, Noodletools, Digital Breakouts

ClassroomScreen is a virtual desktop space you can customize with classroom management widgets. It opens in a tab, can be projected via your LCD projector, and offers all sorts of "gadgets" like a space to give written instructions, timer, random volunteer generator, QR code creator, and others.

Noodletools: not just for English anymore! If you have students who are working on research projects or papers, Noodletools is the tool for them and for you. Students can easily curate sources, create bibliographies/works cited pages in both APA and MLA, collect information in digital note cards, and share their projects with you so that you can easily monitor their progress. Noodletools seamlessly integrates with Google Drive, and our district pays for all students to have accounts. They're using it for English; have them use it in for your research, too!

Breakout Edu Digital Games A digital breakout uses the same concept of solving a series of clues to unlock locks as the physical breakout does. However, with a digital breakout, there is no need for the equipment. All that is necessary is a device connected to the Internet. You can easily assign digital breakout to a whole class, create or customize one yourself, or have students create their own games to as review or a final project. All libraries have an account for the BreakoutEDU platform. See your librarian for the log-in information to browse games. Click here for a whole host of tutorials on how to access and use digital breakouts.

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