Google Keep is part of the G-Suite collection of resources available to all staff and students in Fort Zumwalt. It is easily accessible through the “Google Waffle” or simply by Google searching “Google Keep”. Google Keep is a powerful tool that helps students and teachers create and share notes, reminders, lists, etc. The number of uses for Google Keep in education is practically endless; for the purposes of the blog, we’ll focus on three: bookmarking, mobile voice notes, and feedback/assessment.

For more ideas in using Keep for the classroom, please visit Shake Up Learning’s Google Keep Pinterest page.


Once you have installed the Google Keep Chrome Extension on your Chromebook, both students and teachers can easily save webpages and make notes on the page’s importance.

Take a look at this quick video from tech guru, Richard Byrnes, to see the extension in action.

Mobile Voice Notes

Voice notes is a feature available in the IOS or Android Google Keep app which allows notetaking simply by speaking into your device. This tool would be super helpful for students who struggle with writing and typing as well as for quick notetaking on the go.

See this article in Lifewire for step-by-step, easy instructions.

Feedback & Assessment

Badges, library of feedback for common errors, libraries of Bitmoji stickers and animated .gifs for informal feedback - so many easy and creative ways to give feedback to students.

See Shake-Up Learning’s blog post for all the details.

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