Google Slides Interactive Notebooks, New and Improved Flippity, and The Most Dangerous Writing App

Google Slides and Interactive Notebooks lets teachers and students create "a central space where students can create, write and make meaning". Making interactive notebooks online can take learning to a whole new level. This link will take you to several ideas from Ditch That Textbook including Image annotation, Comic strips, Digital dioramas or maps, Lab reports, Sticky note brainstorming, etc. There are how-to's and downloadable templates to help get you started.

Flippity Google Sheets Add-On is back and is better than before. It is a free Google Add-On service that has up to twenty Google Sheets templates that you can use to create things like online multimedia flashcards, progress trackers, and even random name selectors. This new version allows for easy publication to the web with the URLs being generated for you.

The Most Dangerous Writing App is a website that is great for the brainstorming and/or creative writing. It is a free service in which you can have students choose certain time frames or word counts in which they do not stop writing until their time is up. If they stop before the time, their writing will disappear. However, if students successfully write for the full designated time they can save their writing. (It is strongly suggested to have students upload their saved writing samples into Google Drive for easy storage and for the help with Spell Check!) View this demonstration video created by Richard Byrne for more details.

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