Million Short, Vision Boards, and Form Limiter

Million Short- When students use Google as a research tool, they tend to cut short the research portion and choose the top results, thus halting any further investigation. While this might be okay for simplified searches, often times, because of Google’s analytic functions, quality information is overlooked simply because it isn’t listed on the first page. If you are short on time and can’t teach more in-depth search skills, let Million Short do some of that work for you. With this search engine, you can eliminate search results in increments (eliminate the top 100, 1000, 10,000). Also, limiters such as dates, removing sites with ads, and by location are options. While this might not aid in overall research skills it might be worth it so students can see beyond what Google would like them to see.

Vision Boards- New semester, new year, new goals.

Coming back from a long break, starting new classes, and getting energized for the last semester of the school year can be difficult. Why not take this time to refocus your classes, students, or yourself with a vision board? A Vision Board allows the creator to set and accomplish learning and personal goals by creating a collage of inspirational people, quotes, images, and visuals that represent the goal. In creating the board, it forces you to take a step back, think about realistic expectations and how to get there, and focus on what is important. Once finished, be sure to have the Vision Board in a place where it can be viewed. This project can be accomplished both digitally (Ex: Google Slides, Google Drawings, and Canva) or on good old fashioned paper. Check out these links for some great resources:

Chrome App

Pinterest- Student examples

Pinterest - Outlines For Goals

Form Limiter Add-on- Google Forms already has a toggle function that allows teachers to turn off responses but Form Limiter allows teachers to set this up ahead of time. Other types of limiters are also available. When the form is closed, based on the parameters chosen, you will receive an email reminder. This add-on can is useful for the classroom, clubs, and activities.

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