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Make connections in history to current events to make it relevant to students. The information is free, and it is available on phones, tablets, and computers. Access primary sources, videos, lesson plans, interactive tools, and many other resources to enhance learning and understanding of historical events that relate to events happening today.

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Did you know that Flipgrid is now free to all educators? Flipgrid provides a way to have classroom discussions through videos that are created by the students and shared with the class. Teachers create a topic or choose a topic from thousands of already created topics, and students respond with video discussions. Videos can range from 15 seconds to 5 minutes and can be done from any device. As an educator, you can also get Flipgrid certified. Click here to find out how.

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With this Chrome extension, you can add video content, questions, highlighted text, and more to web pages or Google docs to create lessons. These lessons can be shared with students to use as a class assignment. Instead of just assigning an article for students to read, insert comprehension questions or videos into the text to check for understanding. Classes can be created within the extension so teachers can view student responses and comments to the lesson. Watch this video to see how to use the extension. Click here for more tutorials.

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