Parlayideas, Creatability, and Floop

Parlayideas is an online platform for class discussions that holds students accountable for participation. You can access the library of discussion prompts to use with your class to create meaningful discussions online or verbally to encourage reflection, accountability, and feedback. Peer feedback, digital hand raises and data are built in to this program to provide reliable feedback and assessment. Watch the video to learn more.

Creatability is a website designed with experiments that can be done on your computer to work with people with disabilities. It uses artificial intelligence to trace body movements to create drawings, music, and more. This makes it more accessible to everyone. Drawing can be done with body tracking capabilities, mouse pad, or stylus pen. People with sight or hearing disabilities are able to complete experiments using sound or visuals to guide them in completing tasks. Volume and intensity can be shown through patterns displayed on the screen. The Google Creative Lab team continues to work on other experiments and anyone with access to the internet can try the experiments they have created to see how it works. This is a great tool for students with disabilities and for others who want to see how it works.

Floop is a tool designed to give students valuable feedback in a faster. You can use any device to get feedback from guided peer review and teacher comments. Students can act on the information and resubmit their work as they work through assignments. Teachers can see everyone's work in one place and are able to identify students that need extra help. Students submit their work through Floop and it is immediately sent to the teacher. Teachers can view the work and provide comments. Watch the video to see how it works.

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