Presentation Tools Recommended by Julie Smith: Piktochart, Padlet, & Pixton

If you attended Julie Smith’s PD session on April 2, you heard her talk about Piktochart.

Tired of essays and Google Slides presentations? Let your students organize their information in a more creative and visually appealing manner with Piktochart. Allows students to EASILY create and publish infographics. Check out the video linked here for more details.

Padlet is another tech tool recommended by media literacy guru, Julie Smith. Padlet touts that they are the “easiest way to create and collaborate in the world.” Your FZ Librarians agree! Google Docs are fine for student collaboration but Padlet is a more dynamic and creative alternative. It’s also a great teaching tool that allows immediate student feedback. Check out the video linked here from EdTech4Beginners for more details.

A third tech tool recommended by Julie Smith at her April 2nd PD presentation is Pixton. Pixton allows students to present their information in comic-strip format. World Language teachers could have students create comic strips of characters engaging in conversation. Math teachers could have students create word problems. A teacher from any subject could have students explain what they’ve learned through a comic. Although Pixton offers a free version, the choices of backgrounds, avatar outfits, etc. are extremely limited. Students could still create effective comics, but they may be frustrated by the limited options. We would recommend teachers try the fifteen-day free trial to access all features. School and individual subscriptions are available. Please talk to your librarian, building principal, department chair, and/or curriculum coordinator about this possibility for your school or department. The two articles linked here and here give great overviews of the product as well as teaching possibilities.

Julie Smith’s Resources (compiled by Nick Cusumano):

Click here to access the Wakelet created by Nick Cusumano. It includes information and links to all the resources Julie mentioned at her session, links to her Livebinders, the link to her website and Twitter, and more!

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