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This free website provides quizzes and information for geography and science in over 30 different languages. Choose your language, and then explore information about the richest countries, largest countries, and map quizzes to learn the location of cities, states, and countries from every continent. Along with the geography quizzes and information, there are science quizzes on the human body, plant cells, and animal cells. Click here to see the science quizzes.

If you are looking for a website to create books within your classroom, Book Creator may be what you need. Students can collaborate on their books, and the teacher can access the books within the library to view progress for each student. The menu is easy to use and allows you to insert text, videos, images, and audio to any page within the book. There is a free version for teachers that allows the teacher to have one library that will allow 40 books to be created. A code is shared with students to give them access to the library to begin creating their books. There are other pricing options if you need more than 40 books. Take a look at this link to see 50 ways to use Book Creator in your classroom. It can be used for all grade levels, but click here to see some specific uses for high school classes.

Create your own quizzes or choose from over 120,000 ready-made quizzes to test student knowledge. Once the quiz is created or selected, a class code is given to share with each student. Teachers can see the results to determine which students may need more review or extra practice. Quizzes are done in teams, but individual results are seen by the teacher. You can also use YouTube videos, PDF’s, or web links for your quiz where you can include instructions for students. This is a great way to test skills with immediate feedback to check for understanding. Watch the YouTube video tutorial to learn more.

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