So, School Is Closed....

But learning is still happening! These are some crazy times, friends, but remember, your librarians are here to help you! We are ready and willing to help you find resources, technology, reading materials, and more for you and your students. Please reach out to us if you need help or instructional support in anyway. We want to help. In the meantime, here are some resources that might be helpful in the next few weeks.

Elearning--Things to Keep in Mind: Online learning is something that may be very new to all of us, including our students. While we want to keep the learning happening while students are at home, be flexible and patient with kids. Older students might be the childcare at home and have other demands on their time and attention. Some students might not have the same WiFi quality that we have at school. It’s going to be a big shift for teachers and students alike. Here’s a really good article on making the shift to online learning from KQED that might help you think through some of the questions and concerns you may be having. And, remember that even though students are at home, the sites they have access to will still filter as though they are at school.

Ebook Access and Audiobooks: You and your students can keep reading with the ebook and audiobook resources available through the district. Our ebook and audiobooks are accessed through the Sora app. Here’s a link to a resource for you and your students on how to use Sora. You’ll find more information about Sora on your school’s library website. We've also just added thousands of new ebooks to our catalog thanks to an awesome partnership with Overdrive. And now you and your students can get a “virtual library card” through the St. Charles County Library simply by signing up online. This gives them access for at least 90 days to all of the digital content available through the public library. Here’s a link to a resource on how to sign up for a virtual card.

Screencasting with WeVideo: Perhaps you’re wanting to do a demonstration or show and explain something to your students from your computer screen. WeVideo will allow you to record the actions on your screen while you narrate and explain. It’s super easy to use, and it’s something you can create for your students or that your students can create as part of a final project to demonstrate their learning. You can also use the selfie video function as a way to record a message for your students, either to offer instructions or just as a way to say hello and check in with them. Here’s a link on how to create a screencast, and here’s a link to Kathy Schrock’s page on how to use screencasts in the classroom. This is a great resource and it’s even got rubrics!

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