Sora & Destiny, Digital Literacy, and Adobe Spark Page

As a back to school reminder, everyone has access to two valuable resources found on your school library website. Check them out!

Sora & Destiny Discover

Sora - All four high schools subscribe to Overdrive which is accessible through the Sora app, to provide ebooks and audio to students, teachers, and faculty. Use the link from your library’s website and login with Clever to access the content. Using Sora allows students to read or listen directly from their Chromebook or app, the ability to annotate and export to Google, automatic sync when going between the app and Chromebook, placing bookmarks, easy to navigate catalog, and badging. Students (and teachers) can add their public library to Sora to receive even more content with one search. If there are any issues with logging in, please contact your librarian.

Other FREE ebook and audio sites worth mentioning are Hoopla (need public library card) and Project Gutenberg.

Destiny Discover- wondering if your school library has a book or video in the catalog? Check out the online catalog to find out. When logged into Destiny, other features include renewing books online, reserving online, checking fines, accessing checkout history, and book recommendations.

Digital Literacy- in preparation for the upcoming Digital Wellness Week, celebrated the week of October 14- 18, take some time to review aspects of Digital Literacy with your students. This is not content-specific skill, nor for just students on track for college but one necessary for anyone exposed to information. Crash Course teamed up with MediaWise (Poynter) and the Stanford History Educational Group to create ten videos that discuss how to read laterally, analyze, evaluate sources (not just traditional print), and understand the algorithms behind search engines and social media. Even if you don’t use this in your classroom, it’s worth the viewing.

Teachers can create mini-lessons, use while completing research projects, assign for a flipped lesson on Edpuzzle, create a digital or physical Breakout box with your librarian, discuss in a Socratic Seminar, assign each group one video and each present the information to the class, have students create their own “Crash Course” video, using Canva students can create graphics to hang in classrooms that summarize videos, or come up with your own lesson!

Adobe Spark Page- you might already be familiar with Adobe Spark, most likely if you made a quick video. But one area you should revisit is the Page feature. Just like most of Adobe’s products it looks sleek, is intuitive with the user, has an easy to read layout, and will work on Chromebooks. Ideas to use in the classroom include updating a traditional informative report, journals, student portfolios, About Me pages, photo essays, or a class syllabus. Text and images can easily be inserted and the page can be shared via a link. Log in using a teacher or student account (school email address) to access a handful of other free features.

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