Track-pads and Keyboard and Cookies, Oh My!

Here are some quick fixes to common problems you might be seeing with student Chromebooks, plus some easy tips and tricks with the track-pad commands and keyboard shortcuts.

International Keyboard

Have you had issues with your students not being able to use quotation marks or it seems as if their keyboard has gone haywire? It might be because they've accidentally set the Chromebook's keyboard to the International setting (INTL). You'll know that's what's happened if you see INTL next to the WIFI symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen.

You can easily fix this by either clicking on INTL and then selecting US under the Keyboard drop down menu.

S---L--O--W Chromebook

Having problems with pages that won't load, slow response times, or devices that have frozen or locked up? There are a few things you can try.

Aside from just restarting your device, you can do a quick reset by pressing POWER and REFRESH at the same time.

Another thing to try is clearing your cache and your cookies. All of the little bits of information that are stored by your browser as you search can slow it down.

To clear clear your cache and cookies:

  1. At the top right, click the three dots > More tools> Clear browsing data.

  2. Next to "Time range," select All time.

  3. Select Cached images and files and Cookies and other site data.

  4. Deselect the other types of data.

  5. Click Clear data.

You can also clear your browsing history in this window.

Track-Pads and Short Cut Keys

Not having a mouse can make some everyday operations confusing. How do I right click? How do you click and drag? Here's how to make everyday "mouse moves" on the Chromebook track pad.

There are lots of keyboard shortcuts, too. Here's a list a few handy ones, but if you'd like to see a full list of them displayed right on your device, simply click CTRL+ALT+?

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